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Cybex Solution T iFix PLUS

Cybex Solution T iFix PLUS

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Cybex Solution T i-Fix

The Solution range from Cybex has a new top seat both for Safety and for comfort and features. Based on the highly regarded Solution Z i-Fix the T range is the new Platinum Range topping seat available in Standard and Plus fabric options.

The Cybex Solution T i-Fix is an ADAC Test Winner in its category (from approx. 4-12 years old), achieving the notable result GOOD (2,0), growing with your child and keeping them safe from 4 years until 12 years old!

The Plus fabric features mesh inserts for even better air circulation and comfort.

The Solution T i-Fix has an incredible nine year life span, a constant companion throughout all the twists and turns of childhood – until your little one is twelve years old.

It’s packed with safety features, like a patented reclining headrest helping to keep your child’s head in a safe position throughout your journey and advanced Linear Side-impact Protection. The adjustable headrest and automatic width adjustment means that you can react quickly to sudden growth spurts. A cooling air ventilation system keeps the your child comfortable all year round.

Safety and comfort that lasts – the Solution T i-Fix and i-Fix Plus.

Top Features include:


The patented reclining headrest tilts the child’s head back slightly, helping to prevent it from falling forward during sleep. So, in the event of a side collision, the child’s head is more likely to be in a protected position, lowering the risk of head injury seven-fold, based on side-collision testing results, compared to results with head out of position under ADAC test criteria.


Children grow a lot between 3 and 12 years old. Keep pace, with a car seat offering 12 height settings. Adjust the head and shoulder protectors with one hand, and the seat widens automatically, making adjustment quick and easy.



An integrated air ventilation system keeps the seat temperature comfortable even on hot days.



The advanced L.S.P is activated automatically before installation and increases safety in the event of a side-impact. Combined with the energy-absorbing shell, it reduces impact force by more than 20%, compared to the same seat without L.S.P. in a side-impact test according to ADAC test criteria.



ISOFIX makes it easy to click the Solution T i-Fix into a vehicle, with visual indicators to show when the car seat is installed correctly. It also provides a firm connection to the vehicle frame for extra stability in the event of an accident.



The reclining backrest perfectly adjusts to any vehicle seat, for a more comfortable ride.


Regulation   - UN R129/03

Child Height - 100 - 150 cm

Child Age     - 3 up to 12 years (subject to height restrictions)

Child Weight - Max. 50 kg

Seat Weight - 7.2Kg

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